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  • PhantomDust360

    Greetings! Have you ever wanted to play Shadowrun in space, but were afraid your head would explode? Have you played the Mass Effect games and thought to yourself: "Wow, this could make a cool RPG?" Or have you simply had the desire to play an uber-futuristic, galaxy-spanning, infinite-ammo spec-ops adventure where your actions effect not just worlds but whole star clusters??

    The wait is over.

    I am currently working on translating the Mass Effect universe into a playable RPG using modified SR4 rules, allowing for not only realism but variety. I plan to launch this project in Autumn 2010, after my D&D campaign is concluded and after a small hiatus. I would like 3 players (max. 4 if you're really interested), who have a basic knowledge of…

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  • PhantomDust360

    Well it's 2/20/10 and I'm here at work; just decided a wiki for my game would be cool, as both myself and my players can reference it whenever we would like. It will also be there for my next campaign, if it's in the same world. Which, it should be!

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